Country Strategy

Panel discussions, debates and moving-forward notes from decision makers, major actors and officials focusing on one main topic: improving how business is done. See the agenda for Day one

Investors performance

Highest level representatives from the most active industries – IT, R&D, Energy, Automotive and Manufacturing – will share case studies, future plans, opportunities to learn and cooperate across markets. See the agenda for day two

Global disruption

Bringing business disruptors in the spotlight: how are the existing models being reshaped and what can we learn from these game-changing stories. See the agenda for day three

“5 percent of growth is your red ocean. Keep it going an add blue ocean elements such as the location of the country, health and education systems”
John Riker, Blue Ocean Strategy – Initiative Centre


“When going abroad, Dacian Ciolos is in the middle of attention. (…) Right now, we are having people from Germany, France that want to have bilateral meetings with us”
Dragos Pislaru , Minister, Ministry of Labor
“At the FIC we believe that there are 3 pillars important in the infrastructure, infrastructure of all kinds, human capital, the efficiency of the public and private sector”
Eric Stab , President, Foreign Investors Council

Photos from 2016 edition:

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