Country Strategy

Panel discussions, debates and moving-forward notes from decision makers, major actors and officials focusing on one main topic: improving how business is done.

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Investors performance

Highest level representatives from the most active industries – IT, R&D, Energy, Automotive and Manufacturing – will share case studies, future plans, opportunities to learn and cooperate across markets.

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Global disruption

Bringing business disruptors in the spotlight: how are the existing models being reshaped and what can we learn from these game-changing stories.

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Where Romania means business - Join Romania’s business elite!

Be part of the most complex B2B event dedicated to Romania’s competitiveness! Leading officials, experts, investors and business leaders will share their expertise and explore the best solutions for increasing economic potential in the region. Join the discussions and get an exclusive view on current investments and opportunities for further growth – macro level perspectives, investment prospects, financial aid, global inspiration and many more!
“Investors need dynamic economic, fiscal, administrative and social frameworks and foresight to initiate and implement their investment plans”
Nicolas Maure, Dacia Renault Romania, speaker at the Automotive panel in 2015
“Romania’s exceptional growth story, among the countries in the CEE region, should be continuously promoted to foreign investors”
Mark Mobius, Templeton Emerging Markets Group, keynote presenter last year
“R&D has been identified as the engine of change for improving competitiveness. It is a problem across the EU, but even more so in Romania”
Angela Filote, European Commision, special guest at the opening conference in 2015